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Sweet and spooky, creepy and cute.
My name is Mikayla-Erin, but I also go by Rai (like Rye): Raven Madison's reincarnate, dating my very own Alexander Sterling. 20 years mortal; Avid day dreamer; I have a very poor opinion of myself; Father of #gothgoth; extremely sensitive little faerie.

*~*Photos of Me*~*

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Tada! A simple scrub I’ve been using for a while now. Omit two ingredients for a non-skin lightening scrub of skin smoothening amazingness. <3

Reblogging because I’ve had SO MANY positive messages about this! :)

No for real my skin is so much healthier because of this now thank you so much

^^ I second this motion


Victorian Maiden- Rose Flocky Skirt


Floral Antler Headband
$80 USD


my motto is don’t dress to impress, dress to intimidate. dress to make ppl admire and envy you so much that it literally scares them.

horror-core Asked:
you're a vampire?

My answer:

Ja c;


SurfaceSpell Violin Ghost Bag


Just another pic of me in Siouxsie inspired makeup :3

Aah, I finally got my claws on the first Parasol Protectorate book~
I need more vampire novels. Especially with the release of Prince Lestat just on the horizon.